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KulenDayz - Dev
We like to think of Kulendayz as one of a kind conference. It's all about meeting cool people from IT community, and also technology and business insiders. Enhance your skills with real-life projects, workflows and more. Our style is different; this is a community conference so we are trying to keep talks out of standard conference rooms and speakers out of suits and skirts. With a lot of chalk and talk sessions, networking and open sessions it’s easy for everyone to make this into a useful experience. Concept is simple: 3 conference days, trainings, 6 tracks with 8 sessions, and finally a team building event to sum it all up. Tracks are based on popular IT groups: Developers, Database guys, ITPros, Web developers and Project managers. All sessions are chosen to meet this year hot themes. Our continuing mission: to explore best new techniques, to seek out new tools and new ideas; to boldly go ... oh, just register and see by yourself.
Objavljeno: 31.08.2016
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