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AthTech21 - Vendor technology demonstrations
AthTech21 - Vendor technology demonstrations

OpenTrack will be demonstrating their competition management system; and holding an annual feedback meeting for their customers at AthTech.
Humotion will demonstrate their solution to capture and record training activities and results. Trackmeetings.info will demonstrate how their tool is used for searching for competitions and creating your personal 'favourites' list.
Seltec is available to demo their system, in wide use in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Athletics.app will demonstrate the cloud based competition management software and how it is used to increase the fan engagement in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Atletica.me will demonstrate their social platform presenting athlete profiles and results.
Expert users will be demonstrating FinishLynx in case anyone wants to learn more about PhotoFinish systems.
Objavljeno: 01.10.2021
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