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Video accelerator in 466 lines of VHDL for soft-core processor F32C
F32C is a retargetable, scalar, pipelined, 32-bit processor soft-core which can execute subsets of either RISC-V or MIPS instruction sets. Marko Zec at FER Zagreb started F32C during 2010 as educational platform having a good performing MIPS compatible core with gcc and basic video and audio support. Since 2015 F32C is open sorce, available from https://github.com/f32c. Thanks to members of RADIONA and valuable enthusiasts all over the internet, F32C now has arduino support and fairly rich SOC with hardware acceleration for video, audio, floating point, software-defined-radio and motor control, written in portable VHDL for many FPGA chips from Altera, Lattice and Xilinx. In a short talk time, a simple and efficient 2D video accelerator will be described and shown in action on actual hardware.
Objavljeno: 19.06.2017
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