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Radiona.org: Creativity + Technology + Art + Science + Culture
Talk entitled 'Creativity + Technology + Art + Science + Culture' will present Radiona.org's past, present and future projects mainly focusing on the importance of joint collaborations of diverse professions like artists, engineers, designers, cultural workers, educators, scientists, DIY enthusiasts, etc. The lecture will present new trends on intermedia scene as well as what does it mean to be a hacker / makerspace in Zagreb working in close collaboration with museums, galleries and faculties. The Talk will address the necessity of using creative forces in order to head towards the new industrial revolutions that is obvious not be around technology but more about ingenuity of its creators. We will try to give you a perspective why art and humanities can work together with natural and formal sciences.
Objavljeno: 19.06.2017
Unutar kategorije: Ostalo