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Programmable and secure data center networks: Challenges and current results
Propulsive services and communication paradigms such as cloud computing or content distribution networks rely on the geographically distributed data centers to host, process and deliver data on demand. Such services require ultra-high capacity, low latency and high reliability of the underlying network infrastructure, which can only be supported by optical fiber networks. Satisfying cloud service requirements in a cost-efficient, flexible and secure manner poses significant challenges to the way in which optical networks are designed and operated. In this talk, we will present key challenges and outline recent research efforts towards achieving programmable and secure optical data center networking. We will first identify a recently proposed programmable optical network architecture capable of supporting open and agile systems. We will then present a pioneering method for gauging the robustness of datacenter networks and discuss ways of improving their resilience through link addition and assignment of computational and transport network resources.
Objavljeno: 29.03.2018
Unutar kategorije: Tehnologija
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