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IoT via 5G Satellite Systems
One of the key drivers for next-generation mobile communications is the support of the Internet of Things (IoT), with billions of objects connected to the Internet and very low latency. The 5G technology will support the realization of smart cities, smart environments, and big data applications. Within the 5G framework, the terrestrial services can be augmented with the development of novel mega-LEO satellite constellations. This lesson investigates the integration of 5G satellite technology and IoT, considering different architectures and sensor technologies as NB-IoT, LoRa, and SigFox. These architectures will also envisage drones/UAVs to collect massive data from remote fields and the possibility to connect via 5G satellite access to the Internet. Applications are possible in fire alarm detection, smart agriculture, animal tracking, plant disease control, environmental monitoring, just to name a few.
Objavljeno: 08.07.2021
Unutar kategorije: Tehnologija
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