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KulenDayz 2023 - Using Azure Logic Apps for automation of all approval and back-
KulenDayz 2023

Using Azure Logic Apps for automation of all approval and back-office processes for a SaaS product
Adis Jugo

When we built run.events, we had a question about how to build and optimize all approval and back-office processes, in a simple yet efficient way, which would be easy for our back-office and support staff to use, and which wouldn’t hamper their productivity. These processes included approving new organizers and events, as well as automating back-office processes such as triggering support processes or newsletter subscriptions. We quickly decided to use Azure Logic Apps for that. This session will introduce you to the capabilities of Azure Logic Apps and how we used it for automating all approval and back-office processes. We will dive into the key features of Azure Logic Apps, including connectors, triggers, and actions, and how they can be used to automate a wide range of processes. We will also discuss the challenges that we faced, such as listening to database triggers and dealing with multiple development/staging/production environments. Additionally, we will cover how we used Azure Logic Apps to create workflows that integrate with third-party products we use for sales (HubSpot), marketing (HubSpot and Mailjet), and support (Front). In the end, we achieved what we wanted: our back-office and support staff mainly use email for the vast majority of back-office processes. And it is Azure Logic Apps that does the magic in the background of orchestrating it all. This session will demonstrate how we achieved this, and we will share real-life experiences and challenges we encountered while implementing it all.
Objavljeno: 07.09.2023
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