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KulenDayz 2023 - Boosting Power Platform with ChatGPT Capabilities
KulenDayz 2023

Boosting Power Platform with ChatGPT Capabilities.
Mihail Alexandrov Mateev

The tech giant's new Power Platform features enable enterprises to use OpenAI’s GPT technology to create their AI-powered bots or summarize and create content. Power Virtual Agents enables developers to create AI-powered chatbots for different scenarios, such as a bot for answering complex questions or one to engage with customers in multiple languages. AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform feature that provides AI models that help automate business processes. Power Virtual Agents conversation chatbots are boosted now with capabilities from GPT -- the large language model from the tech giant's partner, OpenAI. AI Builder now includes Azure OpenAI services in its interface, giving users access to new low-code generative AI models and templates in Power Automate and Power Apps. This session is on how to use ChatGPT with Power Platform solutions, including real-life cases and demos.
Objavljeno: 08.09.2023
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