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KulenDayz 2023 - Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense
KulenDayz 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense
Bill Ayers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are popular topics at the moment, but how much of it is hype, and can AI deliver tangible business benefits? We can use the pre-trained models in Azure Cognitive Services to identify well-known objects and landmarks, but that's a narrow field that's the result of huge research projects and ingesting massive amounts of data. How can we apply that to practical business problems, like visually detecting faults, spotting our company logo, or our competitor's products on shelves? To understand the answer to this question you need to understand the principle of Transfer Learning. We'll look at the theory, and then see it working, and see some of the tools in Azure Cognitive Services and other toolkits that allow us to use this technique without needing to be an expert in AI, or even being able to code. Then we'll look at some of the latest developments in large language models using transformers. Finally, we'll consider the ethical and existential risks of AI.
Objavljeno: 07.09.2023
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