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CUC 2004 H3 Goran Bubaš, Dragutin Kermek - A Prospect for Blended Learning in Croatian Academic Inst
Academic institutions in Europe and the United States currently provide hundreds of courses in diverse subject areas . A review of trends in distant education outlined several important changes in the academic learning environments (Howell et al., 2003): 1. There is a growing demand for distance education programs tailored to the needs and preferences of non-traditional students. 2. Traditional faculty roles are evolving toward providing various types of support for technologically based distance learning activities. 3. Faculty members are faced with an increased workload related to online interaction with students and also with a demand for adoption of new education technologies. 4. Educational institutions are turning toward gaining more profit from their activities with decentralization in educational services and outsourcing in the development of online courses. 5. Instruction is becoming learner-centered with more emphasis on competency than on course completion. 6. Learning environments are becoming more technologically supported and Internet based, and ICT literacy is a requirement for performing academic activities of both faculty and students. 7. The cost per student of a high quality distance learning program is equivalent to that of traditional education in a physical environment. 8. The Internet dominates distance learning media and there is less difference between distant and local education. 9. There is need for effective course management systems and implementation of learning and teaching strategies that utilize the potential of diverse ICT in educational environments.
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