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CUC 2004 I4 Zlatko Papeš - An Experimental Web-based Collaboration and Semantic Knowledge Management
Authors: Zlatko Papeš, University Hospital "Sestre milosrdnice", Zagreb, Croatia; Vesna Papeš, Refferal Centre for Voice, Zagreb, Croatia; Davorin Bengez, HP, Zagreb, Croatia; Paško Konjevoda, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia; Zvonimir Rešetar; Nikola Gotovac, University Hospital "Sestre Milosrdnice", Zagreb, Croatia; Santa Večerina Volić, Medical School, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Tihana Ibrahimpašić, Medical School, University of Zagreb, Croatia Euphoric imposing of unstructured, and for machine insufficiently categorically marked, data on the Web transform natural interrogative means of communication in time consuming surfing. Not efficiently reusable and categorically not connected data are wasting computing power of Net, even of most sophisticated machines. Surfing proprietary formats using descriptors on Web, with content marked only for presentation, and picking objects from unclassified garbage discourages both serious content creators as well as content users. On first contact with actual technology, child's or researcher's hunger for (better illusion of, and more intellectual) interactivity must be downgraded to its reality within virtuality. In more academical environment it is well known fact that so called "Dynamic Web" and other presentational eldorado industry of the Web is not an optimal option for its maturing towards the most democratic medium.
Objavljeno: 21.12.2007
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