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CUC 2004 E3 Dobrica Pavlinušić, Marijana Glavica - WebPAC - Web on-line library catalog with a life
Two years ago we started our adventure of writing free and libre Open Source Web on-line library catalog. We had plans for circulation, but circumstances directed us into improving catalogue itself. This is a story about that path, one of many, which starts with prototype described in previous paper presented at CUC 2002. Since then, we implemented completely free WebPAC under GPL license. This project didn't had strict plan about phases in beginning, it evolved with user needs and requirements. It also had life of it's own, directing us into different uncharted territories, from user-interface design to software architectures. Some of decisions where good, some where bad and we are here to tell the tail.
Objavljeno: 20.12.2007
Unutar kategorije: CARNET
VoD paketi: CUC 2004