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CUC 2004 A4 Mario Stipčević - New directions in quantum cryptography
Today we live in the age of knowledge and communications. Possessing knowledge and means of communication and intelligently managing these resources, rather than fighting wars, is the best way to gain power and profit. The biggest profit is achieved not by producers of goods but by those who produce know-how and critical information on how to produce goods. Global two-way communications (especially since invention of the world-wide-web) seem to be the most important accelerator of marketing as well as for producing and spreading of knowledge. Further examples of using of global communication channels are: e-business (communicating and signing confidential documents), e-banking (issuing bank orders), e-shopping etc. Many of these are of wide public interest. In short, a lot of critical data is stored or travel through communication channels (computer networks, telephone lines, internet, etc.) and there is a clear need to protect such data. This brings us to the art and science of data protection, namely the cryptography.
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