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CUC 2004 D1 Miroslaw Kupczyk - The Migrating Desktop – the General Entry Point to the Grid
Authors: Miroslaw Kupczyk, Rafal Lichwala, Norbert Meyer, Bartek Palak, Marcin Plociennik, Maciej Stroinski, Pawel Wolniewicz, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland Introduction In this work, we present a current status of development and integration of Migrating Desktop and corresponding grid tools. Migrating Desktop (MD) is an advanced GUI, which allows working with grid resources, it hides the complexity of the grid middleware and frees the user from knowing where the resources physically reside. This facility is not only a gui for well-known Globus commands, it offers much more: flexible personalised working environment, scalability and portability, set of tools, single sign-on mechanism, Roaming Access Server (RAS) interfaces, support for multiple grid infrastructure. The more detailed outline is described here.
Objavljeno: 20.12.2007
Unutar kategorije: CARNET
VoD paketi: CUC 2004