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CUC 2004 H1 Milan Taradi, Sunčana Kukolja Taradi - Reference Center for Self-assessment and Assessme
Established one year ago as a CARNet project, our Reference Center aims to assist staff in higher education with the development and implementation of computer-assisted assessment (CAA). We are physically located at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, and virtually at http://www.carnet.hr/referalni/obrazovni/spzit. We offer extensive knowledge and resources for self-assessment and assessment in e-learning. Their nature allows the automation of what was previously a very time-consuming task: that is, marking and monitoring progress. The goal of our Reference Center is to highlight current possibilities to build CAA for distance learning. There are many choices of approach for on-line assessing students. It is not possible to talk about the relative effectiveness of exam system, without considering the environment in which they are designed to operate.
Objavljeno: 20.12.2007
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