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CUC 2004 P4 Ivan Marić - Gigabit CARNet project
With the "Giga CARNet" Project the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet, in co-operation with the University Computation Centre (Srce) is establishing high-quality infrastructure intended for the CARNet members – faculties and research institutes. The gigabit infrastructure is currently the latest available technology in the world for creating National Research and Education Networks backbone. It is the basis for a number of advanced services that will raise the quality and the usability of the information system of the academic and research network. Gigabit infrastructure will make it possible to start the distributed data processing in more demanding projects within the Croatian research area, connected by the CARNet network. It will also render additional value to CARNet videoconferencing system – the tools necessary for education based on information technology. The gigabit infrastructure of the CARNet network should give incentive to digitisation of the valuable assets of the Croatian heritage, and allow the Croatian museums and libraries a more intensive exchange of the works of art and the digitised written materials. By introducing the gigabit technology, CARNet and Srce are once again paving the way that will inevitably be eventually followed by the rest of Croatia.
Objavljeno: 21.12.2007
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