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CUC 2004 WS5 Tihomir Konošić - Open Office as a replacement for commercial tools
In this workshop, we will explain some of the most important features of OpenOffice.org software. We have selected the most often used options and have also tried to cover as much of the software features as possible. Furthermore, we will show the comparison between MS Office and OpenOffice.org software. We will compare the two programs, together with all the packages, and after that, we will separately test the tools for writing documents, spreadsheets, making presentations and database management inside MS Office and OpenOffice.org software. In the comparison, we will emphasize all the similarities and differences between the two software products. Finally, the workshop will try to help attendees in the decisions regarding the migration from MS Office to OpenOffice.org.
Objavljeno: 21.12.2007
Unutar kategorije: CARNET
VoD paketi: CUC 2004