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CUC 2004 H2 Sunčana Kukolja Taradi, Milan Taradi, Krešimir Radić - A Paradigmatic Shift from ''Asses
As the teachers role in web-based education is very different from the teacher¢s role in traditional education with names as mentor, facilitator, or supporter being used, the function of assessment and its related techniques must also change. Web-based assessments need to be seen as an interactive mentoring opportunity that can be used in web-based courses. A difference should be perceived between "assessment of learning" and "assessment for learning". The former means assessment for the purposes of grading and reporting whereas the later relates to assessment whose intention is to enable students, through effective feedback, to fully understand their own learning and the goals they are aspiring for. Assessment for learning helps teachers and students to know whether that current understanding is a suitable basis for future learning. This prospect provides online mentors with the opportunity to move beyond the beaten phrase that assessment should be used as a teaching tool and not as an evaluation mechanism. To achieve this, assessment must now take on a new role. The online assessment techniques should be based on desired learning outcomes. Then these can be used by the students to evaluate their own progress through the learning materials while also providing the tutors with evidence of the effectiveness of the course materials.
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