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CUC 2005 A1 Jasmin Klindzic - FLOSS in distance education
The paper will cover the use of FLOSS (FLOSS being Free/Libre and Open Source Software) solutions in distance education based on author's experience in the field. The author was involved in planning, selection and implementation process of distance education system on the Faculty of philosophy, University of Zagreb. During the early stage of implementation of e-learning system at the faculty (about 12 months), the number of teachers and students using the system for educational purposes has arisen to 1100+, with more than 70 courses developed and 3 GB of teaching material produced, as a result enabling a broader view of the issues that need to be solved when planning and implementing distance education system in higher education institution. The author will try to explain the use of MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) system combined with the Edukalibre Moodle Collab software on a real-life case-study. The paper will also give some guidelines on what hardware and software platform, as well as infrastructure is needed for support of the distance education system on such a large scale (more than 2500 courses and 5000 students).
Objavljeno: 27.12.2007
Unutar kategorije: CARNET
VoD paketi: CUC 2005