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CUC 2005 A3 Mihaela Banek Zorica, Sonja Špiranec, Jasmin Klindžić - Educational practices at the Fac
The teacher-centred instruction that dominated much of higher education does not respond to new ways of living and learning and requires pedagogical models in which students are allowed to be active participants. This has caused a plethora of new approaches and initiated new learning paradigms, which are often supported by the application of ICT in educational processes. This assertions are particularly valid and visible in tertiary education in Croatia, which is currently in the process of harmonising its standards with the Bologna process requirements, thriving for curricula modifications, but also for re-conceptualizations of pedagogical processes with a focus on student-centeredness and the quality of education. The paper will analyse and define a range of international and global trends, with particular reference to the Croatian context. Therefore special attention will be given to the concept of blended learning, which not only represents the thoughtful integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences consolidating the advantages of both traditional and e-learning approaches, but also constitutes a necessary transitional step towards a more comprehensive ICT application in education.
Objavljeno: 27.12.2007
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