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Constructing Perpendicular Lines (using a straightedge and compass)
Did you know that we can draw perpendicular lines using just a straightedge and a compass (without a set square)?  In that case, we say that we CONSTRUCT perpendicular lines.To learn how to do it, watch this video.1st part of the video:For given line a and point T on this line, we construct line b which is perpendicular to the line a and goes through point T.2nd part:For given line c and external point T, we construct line d which goes through point T and is perpendicular to line c.Constructing perpendicular lines on paper.Video without words.Thanks to Rex Boggs, Rockhampton Grammar School, Australia (http://bit.ly/rexboggs ) for help with the English translation.Music by longzijun, http://longzijun.wordpress.com/ .My math materials in English: http://www.antonija-horvatek.from.hr/~ahorvate/materials-English.htm  .My (whole) website: http://www.antonija-horvatek.from.hr/ .
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