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CUC 2005 F3 Janko Žufić, Aleksandra Žufić - Catalog of the links with animations, 2D, 3D and endosco
As the saying goes «A picture is worth thousand words», and if the picture is animated, in motion, or followed by sound effects, than it is worth even more. A goal of this study is to help the users (primarily the students of biology, medicine and anatomy) to get an insight into the organs and systems of the human body, as well as the principals of their functioning by using two- and three-dimensional images, animations, elements of virtual reality, and images of probes inserted into individual human organs and systems. Individual images are showing differences between the normal (healthy) condition and the abnormal (unhealthy) condition. Usage of virtual anatomy atlas, in comparison to a classic «paper-made» atlas has numerous advantages. Organs and systems can be viewed from different perspectives, they can also be magnified and minimized. Typically, the systems are shown in one layer that can be highlighted (by different colors, or by disproportional magnification), while the other layers can be hidden or made transparent. Since there are already many similar topics on the web, this study has collected large number of links to those web sites, the content is systemized in order to enable the users to gain the access to the various topics, methodologies, user tools and users, all in one place.
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