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CUC 2005 B5 Jadranka Stojanovski, Goran Škvarč - Open Access Initiatives in Croatia
Key institutions and organizations in Croatia support open access through different activities: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports finances nearly 2000 research projects, University Computing Centre starts the first project “Croatian open access journals " HR%AK”, Croatian Academic and Research Network " CARNet co"ordinate an overall meta"project regarding OAI, Scientific Information System embrace 120 academic and special libraries as active participants in the OAI promotion and Croatian Information and Documentation Association gave the first initiative regarding OAI. Access to the scientific information is organized mainly through libraries: OPACs in 1992, e" journals in 1994, consortial access to databases in 1995, EZB project participation in 2000, consortial access to major e"journal collections (ScienceDirect, WileyInterscience, SpringerLink, Kluwer, etc.) in 2002 and consortial access to e"books collections in 2005.
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