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CUC 2005 E4 Lucijana Leoni - Strategies for creating a network based environment for learning a fore
There are three main reasons for planning to introduce a web based learning language course in the curriculum of mass media studies at the Department of communication sciences at the University of Dubrovnik: first, the exchange and interpretation of information and the development of knowledge, together with the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively over computer networks will be essential for success in almost every sphere of life; thus preparing students to function in the networked society will become a major role of language instruction; second, the study course of mass media is introducing the model of learning in a practice community, collaborating with pubblishers, media and businness world connected to different forms of professional and public communication; consequently the use of information technologies, multimedia in courses of foreign language within this group of studies is expected; third, web based learning give the opportunity for using authentic learning materials which is indispensable in an integrated approach to foreign language learning expecially in the language learning for special purposes, in this case the language of mass media.
Objavljeno: 27.12.2007
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