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CUC 2005 A5 Miroslav Huzjak - Learning to Look: Art for Kids and Young
With this website, made for eLearning, one can be educated about some concepts of visual language and ways of interpreting an art work. Avoiding a stereotype about dependence of artwork on individual opinion, «likeing» and «inspiration», pupil is being lead page by page through a virtual handbook placed inside a virtual gallery. User can choose one of the basic links: Line, Plane, Mass and Space and Colour. He will see, on many examples through 11 – 14 pages, how and why artists use the art elements as line, colour, space and mass, etc. User will learn what is hue, primary and secondary colours, shades, lightness, saturation, modulation, types of mass and space, forms and shapes, ground-plan and many more. Friendly characters will lead the user on that way, and finally, in the end of the lesson, showing him/her a little quiz. Characters (boy or girl) is interactive, he or she reacts on mouseover with move. Quizzes have five questions for every lesson. If the user gives the wrong answer, the right explanations follows. In the end pupil gets a grade.
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