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CUC 2005 F1 Damir Ivanković, Vlado Dadić - MEDAS system for Internet presentation, management and va
MEDAS database with web interface based on ORACLE 9i RDBMS and Application server represents the useful tool for Internet presentation and management of CSR (Cruise Summary Report) metadata and oceanographic data management and validation. It consists of information on measurement data, area of measurements, the people responsible for the research and institutions. The database also has system for access control – unauthorized and authorized part with logging of authorized access. Database includes data relating to various oceanographic parameters: meteorological, physical and chemical as well as biological types of data. Two kinds of applications are used to manage the data: the first is developed as PL/SQL procedures with JavaScript (Oracle application server) and is used for alphanumeric information; the second is developed as Java applet and is used to visualize the area of measurements and for visualization and validation of data.
Objavljeno: 27.12.2007
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