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CUC 2005 P2 Shirley Wood - Have we given the users’ what they want over the last 20 years?
Use of the Internet has grown and changed significantly over the last 20 years and similarly the technology has also changed allowing a greater freedom in how we access the Internet and where we access it from. There have been changes in the telecommunications market which have allowed the National Research and Education Networks to provide networks with higher bandwidths for similar costs. We have seen the move from network connections at 9.6kbit/s to connections at gigabit speeds. In recent years the NRENs have started to move away from the services provided by the telecommunication suppliers to the provision of their own fibre optic networks. This talk will look at some of the changes in this area and how it has impacted on the way NRENs operate
Objavljeno: 27.12.2007
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