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CUC 2005 G1 Tomi Dolenc - SAFE-SI Project – Safer Use of Internet in Slovenia
We all recognize nowadays that internet is a growing heap of junk. It is rich with all sorts of information, offers great learning experience, creative possibilities and amazing new way of communication. And it’s fun to play with. Nevertheless, a heap of junk is the price we have to deal with, for all its beauty, accessibility, simplicity, and usefulness. During the last ten years, it has become inseparable part of our lives, bringing ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ world together into one, rendering the separation obsolete and impossible. We use this environment more and more in everyday routine; and our children are growing with it, learning and playing in its playgrounds. But, as in a ‘real’ world – to force the obsolete distinction for the last time, for internet is a real world – the playgrounds sometimes contain doggie pooh and dirty needles, and learning by errors may be painful. In our childhood, we were taught to cross the street carefully, to avoid dangerous stuff in the sand and keep our hands away from the pooh; they also warned us that we were not to follow a suspicious gentleman who offers sweets in the park, and if we were to see a flasher, we should calmly ignore him and tell mum. We can see that not much has changed, really. Perhaps it’s got a little bit worse, as we generally tend to say about the world. So we need to keep telling our children about dangers and inconveniences in the world, including the internet, and how to avoid them. Only now we also have to tell it to the grown-ups, instructing them that world’s got a bit more complicated, if indeed interesting at the same time. And that’s what Internet Awareness projects are all about.
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