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CUC 2005 E2 Petar Jandrić, Martina Hribar - Participant satisfaction in CARNet's online courses
CARNet’s education center Edupoint develops and maintains educational programs on ICT subjects and promotes ICT application in Croatian higher education. In 2004 Edupoint developed three online courses: · Searching of online databases · Development of online courses with WebCT · Development of web pages with FrontPage. Edupoint had never made online courses before, so the project team made complete course design (from pegagogy until graphic design) from the scratch. All three courses have been designed in the same fashion. Course elements have been designed according to «measured» students’ needs. Pedagogical, didactical, methodical and communicational features initially came from the Research of CARNet’s users that Edupoint had ordered from Institute for Social Sciences. The research had been conducted on approx. 1300 potential users, which roughly make 1% of total number of potential users.
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