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e-Islands project Abstract Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet was created in 1991 as a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. In 1995 the Government of the Republic of Croatia issued a Decree on founding of the CARNet institution. In 2004 CARNet started to connect all schools to it's backbone network. Introduction Croatia is a land with over one thousands of islands. Due to it's replacements of the islands and very low numbers of inhabitants and schools (with few or no children), the Government of Croatia recognized following problems that reflects school system: low number of teachers who are willing to work on remote islands, very low number of pupils in the islands schools and constant need of traveling of pupils and their teachers from islands to land and back, with very low or almost no ferry line during bad weather or roughs sea. e-Island project In 2006 the idea for better education of pupils on remote islands started to evolve. The aim of the project was to keep the population and especially the children on the islands by providing better education and bringing of the Internet resources like e-learning, telemedicine, wireless hot-spots, etc. The nature of the project e-Islands is to deliver e-content on the schools on the Croatian islands to give the same or even better level of access to the knowledge regardless of the place where children live. The first and finished phase of the project was connecting selected schools on the land with remote schools on the islands with necessary technology (wireless links and H.323 videoconference equipment). The final product of the project was equipment of classroom for remote teaching. Through this project we have extended CARNet (NRN) network in the first phase on 21 island. Those islands are jeopardized by the truth that children have to leave the please where they live to access the knowledge Conclusion As citizens of the future, children of Croatia need assistance and support for entering the information society. CARNet and Ministry of science education and sports will provide the environment and assistance to children, parents and teachers in joint creation and participation in additional educational programs and activities.
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