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CUC 2004 T3 Tony Bates - Managing and implementing e-learning in higher educatiuon institutions
Building technology infrastructure and exhorting faculty to use it is an inadequate response to the need for change in universities. Universities need to apply a range of strategies to support the use of learning technologies. This requires re-allocation of resources, professional development and training for faculty, increased technical support, new methods of teaching, and above all a change in the culture of the institution. As well as outlining the necessary strategies, the presentation also discusses the impact of technology on the core values of a public university. This presentation will look at using technology to help meet strategic goals for an academic department or a whole institution, and the requirements needed to make technology cost-effective and sustainable.
Objavljeno: 21.12.2007
Unutar kategorije: CARNET
VoD paketi: CUC 2004